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Las Vegas Moving Labor

If you are going it alone and moving your own home or office, start thinking about who’s going to handle all that hard work like preparing the items, moving them through transit, and loading and unloading them onto and from the truck. 87 Movers provides experienced movers to anyone who needs a little extra help.

We provide licensed, insured, and trained professional movers to load and unload any vehicle, including:

  • Your own pick-up or larger trucks
  • Cargo vans, SUVs or cars
  • Rented moving trucks
  • U-haul trailers
  • Storage pods and shipping containers

Hire Professional Moving Labor to Make Your Move Easier

For individuals and small businesses who prefer to manage their moving by themselves, 87 Movers can provide extra help with our experienced movers to load or unload trucks, in addition to providing assistance when it comes to loading or unloading items into your new homes. With our movers’ help, your job will be easier and faster. They are trained to load and unload carefully and efficiently. And, since we understand how to load trucks and safely secure items for space and efficiency, we can help you cut down on the trips for a faster and easier relocation.

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Moving Labor Las Vegas
Moving Labor Las Vegas

Loading and unloading trucks can be physically challenging work. Unless you are very strong, it is easy to strain your back while moving furniture or appliances like refrigerators, washers, or dryers. It is often the case that several strong workers are needed in order to get the task done. Our movers aren’t just experienced in moving heavy items, they are also able to prepare the items to avoid damage and lost components. To ensure you have the necessary supplies to get the job done, we can also provide:

  • pads and blankets
  • shrink wrap or bubble wrap
  • boxes and tape
  • moving tools
  • dollies

Why Hire our Labor Only Movers in Las Vegas?

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When choosing Labor only movers for your move you need to consider that it can be a pretty costly endeavor. You may think that hiring professional moving services would make sense; but what if we told you there was another option? When hiring our Labor only movers you get the benefit of our years of experience in labor only moving. We are able to do all the work without having to worry about renting trucks or working with bulky equipment that takes up time and money on your end.

Our movers are reliable, efficient and trained to handle all your needs. We have experience with local, short distance moves as well as long distance moving services . Our movers are fully equipped for packing your belongings in a variety of ways that ensure they arrived on time on their destination without damage or loss. Labor only moving is definitely an option worth looking into when you want quality service at an affordable prices.

Trust 87 Movers Las Vegas to provide the quality service you deserve when it comes time for labor only. We’re confident that with our help, you’ll be able to focus on all of your fun in Las Vegas rather than stressing about moving or storage! If this sounds like something that might interest you, then don’t hesitate – give us a call today at (702) 996-1787 and get a free quote. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with pricing and availability.

Moving Labor Only Services

87 Movers Las Vegas offers ongoing labor-only service for all of your home improvement projects at an affordable price. Our professional team is equipped with tools and equipment to complete any job, big or small! You don’t need a lot of expensive tools when you hire our professionals in the Las Vegas area. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save by hiring us instead of buying what you need.

Our crew will take extreme caution when handling your belongings so that you don’t have to worry about anything on our end – just let them do what they need with everything from heavy items like pianos or furniture up into homes during their moves. Call our business phone number today at (702) 996-1787 for a free estimate! Check our website for customers’ 5 stars online reviews.

If you need help moving, our moving load and unload service is available on the basis of how long the help will be needed and how many movers will be working. Feel free to reach out and ask about our truck load and unload services and we’ll provide you with an estimate based on your requirements. We can help you with the following related tasks as well:

  • packing and unpacking
  • furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • hauling unwanted items and junk
  • moving specialty items (like pianos, gun safes, equipment, etc)

Hourly Moving Labor in Las Vegas, NV

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87 Movers Las Vegas is an affordable hourly moving labor company that can help you with all of your furniture and box needs. Even if we don’t move, we will deliver the items, unload them for you and set up any new purchases at your home or office. If there isn’t a need for us to move anything around, our Las Vegas movers and delivery men will still be able to unload and unpack your new purchases, put them away for you and make sure everything is where it should be.

We have been providing moving labor services in the Las Vegas area for many years. Our movers are professional with every single move that they do, whether it’s a tiny apartment or an entire house. We know that moving is stressful and we want to do all of the work for you, even if it’s just carrying boxes or furniture from one place to another. You will be able to sit back and relax as our crew does everything they can think of to make your move go smoothly.

With 87 Movers Las Vegas , there isn’t a move within the Las Vegas area that you can’t handle. Our movers will do everything from carrying boxes to driving rental truck and all of our affordable hourly moving labor rate are listed on our website so that there aren’t any hidden fees. Each move is assigned for a dedicated truck, meaning you can plan your schedule around it. The specific date and time of the week will be communicated to the customer when they book their pickup or delivery with us! Our guys are trained to load and unload carefully, efficiently. We guarantee that their help will make your job easier than ever before!


We can also lend a hand and provide any size short and long-term storage if it’s needed; as well, we may help you with long-distance moving planning.

87 Movers provides free, no obligation estimates to help you decide if we’re the right company for your move.

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