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Smart Packing Tips for Henderson NV Long-Distance Move

Are you planning a big move to Henderson, NV? Packing for a long distance journey can feel overwhelming, but with a bit of guidance and the right support, it can turn into an exciting step towards your new life. That’s where 87 Movers Las Vegas, your trusted local moving company in Henderson, NV, steps in. Known for our dedicated moving services in and around Las Vegas, we specialize in turning complex moves into hassle-free experiences, particularly when moving to vibrant cities like Henderson, NV.

The What and How of Long-Distance Packing

Long distance movers are unique beasts. Unlike local moves, where you might get away with last-minute packing, moves to or from Henderson require careful planning. Why? Because every mile counts, and so does every item you decide to take along. High-quality packing materials think sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape are non-negotiables to protect your belongings across states or countries.

Key Strategies for Stress-Free Packing

Start Early: Giving yourself a head start is crucial. Begin by sorting items you’ll actually need in Henderson, NV. The city’s warm climate might mean saying goodbye to some of those heavier coats, for instance.

Declutter: Henderson offers a fresh start, so why not lighten your load? Donate, sell, or recycle things you no longer use. Not only does this reduce moving costs, but it also simplifies unpacking.

Catalog Everything: Keeping an inventory helps in many ways, especially for insurance purposes and keeping track of your belongings. It’s a step you won’t regret.

Packing Like a Pro

Packing for a long-haul move to Henderson isn’t just about throwing things in boxes. It’s about securing memories and investments.

  • Fragile Items: Wrap them individually, using bubble wrap or packing paper, and clearly mark the box as “Fragile.”
  • Electronics: Use original boxes if possible; otherwise, shield them with enough padding.
  • Clothing: Rolling clothes instead of folding can save space and reduce wrinkles.
  • Furniture: Disassemble what you can. Wrap pieces with protective materials to prevent scratches and dents.


Imagine arriving in Henderson, NV, a city known for its stunning outdoor activities and vibrant community, and being able to find everything you need without rummaging through dozens of boxes. That’s the power of clear labeling. Mark each box with its contents and designated room. And don’t forget the “First Day Box,” filled with essentials like toiletries, a few outfits, and snacks.

Seeking Professional Help

Sometimes, the best decision is to leave packing to the experts, especially when dealing with precious items or if you’re pressed for time. 87 Movers Las Vegas offers professional packing services, ensuring your belongings are safely packed and secured, no matter the distance to Henderson, NV.

Insurance: Your Safety Net

Long-distance moves come with risks, but insurance can offer peace of mind. Opt for full-value protection for valuable items, ensuring you’re covered in any scenario.

Henderson, NV, is more than just a city near Las Vegas. It’s a community rich in culture, outdoor beauty, and entertainment, offering a wide range of experiences for residents and visitors alike. As you settle into this unique city after your long-distance move with 87 Movers Las Vegas, exploring its attractions should be on the top of your to-do list. Let’s dive into some of Henderson’s most unforgettable offerings.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area: For the adventurers at heart, Sloan Canyon national conservation area is akin to an outdoor museum. It houses thousands of petroglyphs, making it a historical and archaeological treasure. Hiking trails of various difficulties offer up-close encounters with this pristine desert landscape.

Henderson Pavilion: Experience the cultural heart of the city at Henderson Pavilion, the largest outdoor amphitheater in Nevada. It hosts concerts, theater productions, and community events in a picturesque setting, making it a cornerstone of Henderson’s cultural and entertainment landscape.

The Final Stretch

A week before the move, reconfirm details with movers, ensure your essential documents are in a safe place, and that your “First Day Box” is ready to go. It’s also a good time to say your goodbyes to local friends and family.

Embarking on Your Henderson Adventure

As your move to Henderson, NV, approaches, remember that you’re not just relocating; you’re stepping into a new chapter filled with opportunities. Henderson is not just any city; it’s one with a rich history, from its beginnings in World War II to its evolution into a thriving community, dotted with parks, excellent schools, and a booming economy. Whether you’re moving for a job, family, or simply for a change of scenery, Henderson welcomes you with open arms.

And when it comes to making this transition as smooth as possible, 87 Movers Las Vegas is here to guide you every step of the way, from packing tips to the final unloading. Let us take the stress out of moving, so you can focus on settling into your new home in Henderson, NV.